1901 Sinks and Taps Limited Warranty

Whilst all 1901 Sinks and Taps products are manufactured to the highest standards, 1901 Sinks and Taps offers the following limited warranty as additional support to our customers: 
This warranty is in addition to any statutory rights conferred on purchasers, which cannot be varied, restricted, limited or excluded. 1901 Sinks and Taps Branded Products are covered by the following warranty period: 


Warranty Period Fireclay Sinks: 10 Year Replacement Product Only
Warranty Period 1901 Taps: 5 Year Replacement Product Only

All products installed for commercial use 1 year replacement product only.

(Conditions apply and are subject to 1901 Sinks and Taps standard terms & conditions of sale). 
1901 Sinks and Taps accepts no liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, of or to any person or property arising from the supply, installation, operation or repair of its plumbing fixtures and fittings, including consequential loss or damage, arising from the product/s and/or its components, breakdown or failure to perform. 
1901 Sinks and Taps or the service representative holds the rights to provide any minor components as PARTS ONLY to the consumer. 
1901 Sinks and Taps may choose not to replace a faulty item with a new product, we may attempt to repair the item with the necessary parts required to fix the problem. 
1901 Sinks and Taps will determine what is needed to carry out the repair. 
1901 Sinks and Taps will only warrant the replacement product with the time remaining on the original purchase receipt- 1901 Sinks and Taps will not issue a new warranty period for replacement products. 

Important Notes for the Consumer: It is the installer/consumer’s responsibility 

• To inspect all goods upon delivery or within 24 hours of receipt and to ensure all items meet your plumbing requirements
• Ensure the product has no visual defects prior to installation 
• Ensure the product has all of its components 
• Report in writing any claims relating to the above dot points to the place of purchase within 48 hours of delivery or receipt 
• Report in writing any claims should the product be damaged upon delivery within 24 hours of delivery. 
• Perform regular maintenance of all 1901 products 
To the extent permitted by, or not inconsistent with, any relevant Commonwealth or State legislation, 1901 Sinks and Taps will at its election, pursuant to its obligations under this warranty, repair, replace or make appropriate adjustment where 1901 Sinks and Taps inspection (in person or via a photograph and other information) discloses defects occurring in normal usage subject to the terms and conditions stated below: 

1. This warranty applies only within the Commonwealth of Australia and only to the original purchaser effective from the date of purchase. 

2. The following are not covered by this warranty: 
• Damage due to accident, improper installation or handling, faulty repairs, alteration, abuse or misuse as determined by an authorised service technician or a 1901 Sinks and Taps representative. 
• Damage due to installation, maintenance or use other than in accordance with instructions furnished by 1901 Sinks and Taps. 
• Electro-plated fittings (water quality varies widely throughout Australia and may adversely affect plating). 
• Claims for leaks due to water pressures in excess of 500kpa, as per the AS3500-.1-2003 stated in clause 3.3.4 
• Claims for leaks where the lines have not been flushed. 
• Claims where the supply of water is from a tank without an appropriate filter. 
• Claims where the product has not been installed by a licensed plumber and in accordance with the National Plumbing Drainage Code AS 3500 or other relevant legislation/regulation. 
• Claims for damage caused by failing to observe manufacturer’s care & cleaning instructions. 
• Damage to finishes by epoxy & other adhesives/sealants etc. 
• Product not installed to relevant National Standards & State Regulations. 
• Damage caused because plug and waste, taps and accessories have been tightened excessively. Excessive tightening may result in crazing and cracking. 
• Loss of operation or performance where products have been combined or integrated with products not approved 

3. Standard quality fixtures may contain unavoidable manufacturing imperfections of a minor character (as included under AS 1976 Vitreous China used in Sanitary Appliances). Claims for such imperfections cannot be made under this warranty. 

4. Installation of the product where the surface has not been inspected and/or is not free from defects. 

Commercial Use of 1901 Sinks and Taps Products 

Where 1901 Sinks and Taps products are purchased for the purpose of a business the warranty period shall be 12 months from the date of purchase and all implied terms, guarantees and remedies in the Consumer and Competition Act 2010 or any other legislation are excluded to the extent permitted by law. 

1901 Sinks and Taps Australia Warranty Claim

If you believe that you have a warranty claim, contact 1901 Sinks and Taps Customer Service Department on telephone 02 6355 2070 or mail to: PO Box 26 Mount Victoria 2786 NSW or email to: sales@1901sinksandtaps.com.au 
Should any warranty claim be made and attended to by a 1901 Sinks and Taps authorised service agent and in the reasonable opinion of that service agent the problem was due to faulty installation or used in conjunction with products of another manufacturer or from some other cause other than a manufacturing defect of the goods then 1901 Sinks and Taps shall not be responsible or liable in any way. 1901 Sinks and Taps reserves the right to charge a service fee for each service staff attending the premises in which the goods have been installed. 

Please be sure to provide all pertinent information regarding your claim, including a complete description of the problem, the product, model name, colour, and the date the product was purchased and from whom the product was purchased. Also include your original invoice and proof of purchase & the contact details for the licensed installer. No claims will be recognised or otherwise accepted unless installed by a licensed plumber. 

The purchaser’s attention is drawn to the rights, conditions, warranties and liabilities conferred or implied by Australian Commonwealth and State Legislation, but subject thereto, and to the extent allowed there under, the above warranty is in lieu of all rights, conditions, warranties and liabilities, whether expressed or implied, including, without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, any implied warranty as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the product.