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History of Fireclay Sinks

Butler sinks and Belfast sinks….which is which? 
A history:

1901 Belfast Sink

What is the difference between a Belfast sink and a Butler sink?

Butler Sinks refer to a specific style of ceramic sink made for the Butler's pantry. The one-hundred-year-old Irish and English styles were made of a very hard ceramic called fireclay. When the style first appeared, an officer controlled the drainage fittings permitted in that city under his office. This led to variations in the sink styles, as each officer set the parameters for the needs of each city. The raw materials available also led to variations in style.

The Butler Sink commonly refers to the English style of these sinks. The Belfast Sink is the Irish Butler sink, which varies slightly from the English style. In Ireland, there was an abundance of fresh water, so the Belfast Sinks had a weir overflow to avoid flooding. Water was scarce in London, so overflows were banned to conserve water. The 

1901 Double Butler Sink

1901 Belfast Sink has a weir overflow like the traditional Belfast Sinks did.

The French created similar sinks using the local, finer clay. This made the sides of French style sinks narrower and less "chunky" than the English and Irish sinks. Modern technology allows us to create the slender walls in solid fireclay. The 1901 Single Butler 750 Sink is an excellent example of this blending of styles.

In the 1901 Double Butler Sink, the traditional style meets modern convenience. The 1901 Double Butler Sink has all the durability and flair of the traditional Butler Sink with the added appeal of two sinks, to suit today's needs.

1901 Double Butler 750 Sink

What is Fireclay?

As opposed to regular porcelain, fireclay is a very tough ceramic. Crushed pre-fired clay is mixed with molten clay and then it is re-fired. The result is a durable material that can withstand high impact as well as temperature changes.  When glazed to a high shine, our fireclay sinks are both heat and scratch-resistant.

"Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your sink is the heart of your kitchen," says 1901 director, Dennis Plink. And these sinks have a heart of fireclay. 1901 Butler sinks are the ultimate in kitchen grandeur.